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Franchise Fees is Rs. 10,000/- Only for any Unrepresented Area of Odisha   



The Organisation

PENTASYS COMPUTER EDUCATION (PCE) is a leading network of Orissa spanning over several   district, town and villages of the states of Orissa through its number of  affiliated study centres. It takes up education and training in Computers, Electronics and Information Technology, keeping pace with the modern advancements on one hand and keeping in view the Indian context on the other. The organisation enjoys credibility with the Department of Electronics and AICTE, combinedly known as DOEACC SOCIETY and NCPUL, M/o of HRD, Department of Higher Education, Govt. of India. It is also associated with the leading IT organization AISECT of the country.  

PENTASYS COMPUTER EDUCATION  today is popular not only with school and college students but also with professionals from various fields. The name PENTASYS is synonymous with computer education in regional languages. PENTASYS forms the ideal bridge to the ever changing world of information technology.

Eligibility Criteria for s PENTASYS study centre

The PENTASYS COMPUTERS study centre should satisfy the following criteria :

     Should be in business (IT related or otherwise) or should be a professional with the required entrepreneurial acumen.

      Should be willing to invest required amount of money in setting up a centre with proper infrastructure and human resource.

      Should have commitment for providing quality training to students.

       Should be willing to be a part of the NIT (National IT) progress team in accepting the terms and conditions and procedures as laid down by PENTASYS COMPUTERS.

How to Start off

       Apply with complete details of self, premises, available hardware, plans for business development, in the format of the data sheet attached at the end of this offer.

       Receipt of the application and data sheet at the Head office of PENATSYS COMPUTERS would be followed by a personal interview with the Managing Director, PENATSYS COMPUTERS and a visit by a team of PENATSYS COMPUTERS professional at the prospective centre, if needed.

Profitability of Operations

The granting of study centre status would be possible after careful study of the market potential, number of students graduating from the relevant streams etc.

The specifics in terms of operational economics will be discussed in person with each of the study centre.

What is Expected from The Affiliated study centre To Begin With...........

The study centre should be able to have a centre at a prime location of the city / town. The centre would have separate rooms for class rooms and labs. The centre should have proper ventilation and proper lighting. The block and sub-block level centres may not have the above infrastructure but should have generally clean surroundings.

By way of Equipment and Facilities........

Depending on the potential of the area and in consultation with PENATSYS COMPUTERS, the study centre should have or should be in a position to acquire the number of computers, printers, equipments, tools and consumables and the proper software that would be required to effectively convey the course to the students. The study centre should have a well equipped library, housing books as prescribed by the Head office. Further the study centre shall subscribe to periodicals as suggested and students should have easy access to both books and periodicals.

In Operations............

Each study centre would be provided with a detailed operation manual which will provide guidelines to various aspects like :

  • Internal systems and procedures.
  • External interface
  • Co-ordination
  • Purchase of course material and other requirements.
  • Conduction of classes and practical.
  • Examination procedure.
  • Certificate issue procedures.
  • The study centre should follow the steps outlined in the manual which would be the key essence of the agreement with the study centre.

For Advertising.......

PENATSYS COMPUTERS has a centralised advertising policy in so far as national advertising and media exposure is concerned. The study centre should share costs of advertising in a proportion that would be defined at the very outset. Local advertising looking to area response should be carried out by the study centre after due approval from Head office of PENATSYS COMPUTERS.

In Function........

       The Study centre of PENATSYS shall abide all the agreement and conditions made by  PENATSYS COMPUTERS.

       The Study centre shall have to conduct courses as per the rules and syllabi laid down by PENATSYS COMPUTERS.

       The Study centre shall deposit an  affiliation (non refundable) fee as follows :


Centre Category

Affiliation Fees


State Capital

Rs. 45,000/-


District H.Q.

Rs. 25,000/-


Block Level

Rs. 20,000/-


Panchayat Level

Rs.  15,000/-

                This amount shall be deposited at the time of signing the affiliation agreement in form of Demand Draft.

What PENTASYS Offers to Its affiliated Study Centers

To ensure a smooth start to the study centre's operation and constant successful performance PENTASYS  offers.

In the Beginning......

         Detailed plan of the list of equipment, computers, peripherals etc.

         Assistance in technical layout and plan.

         Design and development of the front elevation/board etc.

         Assistance in developing required infrastructure.

Launching Kit Material.......

       Item Description

  •  Authorisation of using our brand name

  • Course Brochures

  • Institute Prospectus

  • Admission Forms

  • Hand Outs

  • Inner Posters

  • Flex Boards

  • ID Card Sample

  • Certificate Sample

  • Mark sheet Sample

  • Counseling File

  • Operation Manual

  • Set of books

  • Student Kit Bag

  • Receipt book Format

Later.........Human Resource Related

         Assistance in selection of faculty and counselors.

       Detailed training of faculties with duration of training depending upon the profile of the faculty (Boarding and lodging to the  account of the study centre).

       Training of counselors for one week duration (boarding and lodging expenses to be borne by study centre).

       Operational training for the centre in-charge.

Marketing Related

        Active support in pre-start market promotion, presentation including support by way of material, stationary etc.

         National and Regional advertisement support.

         Launch strategies.

         Involvement in government sponsored projects.

Courses Related

  • Quality Course material and C.D..
  • Periodical and random checks to ensure quality.
  • Examinations and Certification to be conducted by PENATSYS COMPUTERS
  • Regular faculty evaluation to ensure quality education.

Operation Related

         Each study centre is provided with an Operation Manual to assist and guide the day to day running of the centre.

       Constant interaction between the Head office and each of the study centre to ensure smooth operations and maintenance of the stipulated standard of programmes.

         Active support by way of placement cell for students passing out of each of the programmes.

         Review to assist and enhance income generation.

Corporate Support

     PENATSYS COMPUTERS constantly develops new courses and modules to keep pace with changing technologies. These would be offered to the study centre as per the agreement and PENATSYS COMPUTERS policy from time to time.

    PENATSYS COMPUTERS is a growing organisation constantly increasing its reach and presence. The growth is supported by advertisements and promotional plans creating constant viability for the centres.

During the Affiliation Period..........

  • Students of the study centre would be registered as PENATSYS COMPUTERS EDUCATION students, registered by way of a common registration form. Each student will be issued an identity card and shall appear in examination conducted by PENATSYS COMPUTERS or under the guidance of PENATSYS COMPUTERS, in other agencies examinations, as the case may be.
  • PENATSYS COMPUTERS syllabus and course material can be provided to PENATSYS COMPUTER EDUCATION Registered students. The course material shall be prepared and provided by PENATSYS COMPUTERS.
  • Each study centre shall be provided with an affiliation certificate and given centre code which should be displayed on the centre's notice board.
  • PENATSYS COMPUTERS would provide model questions, if required carry out sample checking of answer sheets and provide certificates to successful candidates.

 Next Step

After initial discussions and mutual acceptance of conditions of agreement, the study centre will be given a draft of the proposed agreement, which may be studied and a date fixed for the final signing of the agreement.

Once the agreement is signed, the centre should become functional within 60 days, if it is not already functional. If the centre does not become functional in 60 days, its affiliation is liable to be cancelled.

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